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    This plugin, it’s almost exactly what I am looking for a couple of personal projects. ‘Almost’, because I don’t want to use my posts’ categories, I wanted to use a custom taxonomy. I’m already using Paul Menard’s wonderful Media Tags plugin to tag my images, but needed a way of grouping my images by collection. I could make each term a Media Tags term, but it’s really a separate taxonomy, so ought be kept separate.

    I changed parts of the code, using an existing taxonomy, to see how easy it would be – and I got close. Unfortunately, I get the text entry field as well as the list of entries, and the list of entries isn’t filtering down when I type anything into the second box.

    Instinctively, it should be easy to change ‘category’ for ‘any-other-tax’, and I think I’ve changed every occurence I could find, but I’m now stuck. Has anyone else tried using this plugin with a different taxonomy to ‘category’, successfully?


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    This is an interesting point. I’ve considered how I might extend this plugin to allow for other taxonomies – although I am not sure how IF i should do that with this plugin or create a separate more generically named plugin (something without the name ‘categories’ in it.

    I’ve been working on the next version of this plugin which will add a ‘category’ parameter to gallery shortcodes – mostly because another commenter specifically asked for it.

    After reading your post, I’ve decided that before I make my next release, I will try to add a filter that will allow developers to change the taxonomy being used without needing to modify the plugin.

    Plugin Author Eddie Moya


    Thought you’d like to know, Media Categories 1.3 now includes a filter allowing you do easily change the taxonomy.

    Good stuff – I’ll give it a go.

    And thanks for helping on this one.


    Plugin Author Eddie Moya


    Let me know if you have any trouble, I tested this with post_tags and two custom taxonomies. But its possible some configurations of custom taxonomies might be buggy, but I think most cases shouldn’t have any trouble.

    I am using this plugin. Seems to work well. I created numerous categories to tag PDF’s with. However, I cannot find or see anywhere where it tells me how many media items are associated with a particular category.

    Is there an additional plugin that I should install that will show me how may items are tagged with a particular category. Either in the media library or the categories list form the admin dashboard?

    thank you in advance

    This plugin sounds like what I have been looking for.
    Would assigned image(s) to category replace imported attached images on a post? images/post are RSS Feeds from other site.

    Plugin Author Eddie Moya


    I dont think I follow what your asking.

    This plugin allows you to add categories to media. Out of the box it doesnt do anything at all to media that is attached to a post, and it doesn’t have much to do with RSS feeds. Although, I suspect it wouldn’t be too difficult to syndicate media by taxonomy. However, I don’t think importing those (through FeedWordPress, or something like that) would cause any exisiting images to be replaced.

    You can use the gallery shortcode though. Using this plugin you can show a gallery of images within a category – without actually attaching them. So, say you setup gallery with a limit to show 20 images, and then import 20 more image to the same category – then yes – it would ‘replace’ the images being displayed on that post.

    Does any of that make sense? I hope im not misunderstanding your question.

    Sorry if I’m rambling a bit, what you were asking sort of threw me for a second.

    Thank you so very much for responding to me. You were not rambling at all, I was the rambler.
    This is what i want to do, so please let me know if this can be done with the plugin.
    I want to add one image to category X – and would like that image to be added or replace any/all post on Category X.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Eddie Moya


    If I understand you correctly, you have a bunch of posts with images in them that are categorized. You want to assign an image to a particular category, and if it replace all the images attached to posts in that category.

    If I understand you correctly, then this can not be done out of the box using this plugin. However it might help you along.

    Assuming your a developer, you should be able to categorize the image, and then just query a category of posts – loop through them, get their attached images and replace them with the image being used for the posts category.

    Unfortunately i thats still quite a bit to do – this plugin can only help you with regard to the categorizing of the media, it does not do any of the replacing of attached media.

    Plugin Author Eddie Moya


    @panafricantimes – Would you mind opening a different thread for your question – what you are asking is completely different from the original post here.



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