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  • I want to create interactivity between my main site and my subdomains. Examples include:

    — display a list of newly created subdomain blogs on the main page of the main site. the function to get a list of blogs is deprecated — suggestions?

    — I’m using buddypress, so one option would be to add a page for certain kinds of users (ones allowed to have blogs) where they would create some basic information about the blog that could then be displayed as part of their profile and also mined for this front-page display. Would this be better in terms of database resources?

    — I’d like users who interact with subdomain blogs to be able to add a subdomain blog to their “reading list” by interacting in some way. Say, clicking a button? I think this has more to do with buddypress, but perhaps someone can point me to the right area?

    — Is there a way to group subdomain sites that are “similar to each other” and introduce interactions between them? Say each cat-blog could suggest another cat-blog you might like, while dob-blogs would suggest dog-blogs? This would ideally happen on the user’s buddypress user page, rather than on the subdomain blog page, but if I can figure out the latter I’m sure I can generalize.

    I’ve found very few resources for understanding how one “should” create interactivity for network WordPress, particularly post 3.0-merge. I’m not sure how much the code base changed then, but it seems fairly substantial. Anyone have a good book to suggest, or a favourite web site?

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