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  • Hi there,

    I am trying to use inline LaTeX in one of my pages in WordPress. The page is structured so that it has content blocks rather than a large text editor at the beginning. Whenever I try to use LaTeX in these content blocks and preview the changes made to the webpage, there is just a blank field in the website – no text or errors appear.

    For instance, if I wanted to write an equation:

    I do: [latex]E=mc^2[/latex]
    I am returned: *blank* (when updated)

    I have tried various spacing but nothing helps. Perhaps this issue has something to do with using this inside a content block rather than a text editor? Please help!

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  • Hi Steffan, I’m also trying to work out how to use LaTeX in the new Guttenburg editor, did you work this out?

    Hi, I was using blogger platform earlier and it was so easy to use mathjax there but as i shifted to WordPress it became very difficult to use latex mathjax plugin properly.

    Here is an example where mathjax works

    Q 5.     \[_{x\,\to \,0}^{\lim }\frac{\int\limits_{2}^{{{\sec }^{2}}x}{f(t)dt}}{{{x}^{2}}-\frac{{{\pi }^{2}}}{16}}\] equals?
    (a) \[\frac{8}{\pi }f(2)\]               
    (b) \[\frac{2}{\pi }f(2)\]               
    (c) \[\frac{2}{\pi }f\left( \frac{1}{2} \right)\]                    
    (d) 4f(2)

    But these are not displayed properly see the questions on 3-D Geometry

    On this page you can see various math equations in TEX but mathjax is not working there.

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