• I’m using a select like:

    kerstin : Kerstin
    stephan : Stephan
    thomas : Thomas

    What I want to archive is a Template like:

    <a href="{{mail_to_link.value}}">{{mail_to_link.label}}</a>

    I couldn’t find any way to do so. Seems only {{mail_to_link}} (the value) is available. Is that possible? What did I miss?

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  • temporal solution

    1 : Kerstin
    2 : Stephan
    3 : Thomas


    {{#compare mail_to_link '==' 1}}
        <a href="@kerstin">Kerstin</a>
    {{#compare mail_to_link '==' 2}}
        <a href="@stephan">Stephan</a>
    {{#compare mail_to_link '==' 3}}
        <a href="@thomas">Thomas</a>
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    Not really charming solution, but solves the problem 😀

    Thank you very for this great Plugin!!

    Plugin Author Nikita


    Thank you @devllc for a solution.

    @digitaldonkey I think we can add custom return format option in the next update.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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