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  • Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    At this moment there’s no way, but something I was thinking of the other day. I’ll see about adding this feature in a future version.

    Using it in wp nav:

    paste this in your functions.php

    * Hook to implement shortcode logic inside WordPress nav menu items
    * Shortcode code can be added using WordPress menu admin menu in description field
    function shortcode_menu( $item_output, $item ) {

    if ( !empty($item->description)) {
    $output = do_shortcode($item->description);

    if ( $output != $item->description )
    $item_output = $output;


    return $item_output;


    add_filter(“walker_nav_menu_start_el”, “shortcode_menu” , 10 , 2);

    and then in your nav description section paste in shortcode.

    Thread Starter mariolop


    In the nav description section???
    Shouldn’t it be in the URL field? it is not working

    Thread Starter mariolop


    Nevermind, got it.
    Thank you

    Could one of you explain fully how you implemented this as I’m a bit confused as to the process and desperately want this in my navigation menu as well.

    Many thanks

    Where in my theme functions.php do i paste the code and what short code do I enter into my nag description?


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    you have to paste it at the end of your theme’s functions.php file. Then, go to Menu in the WP-admin area, enable description under screen options (upper right corner), leave the URL field empty and paste the shortcode in the description field.


    Aniruddha Mishra


    using this the logout function is not working..

    Please check


    The shortcode to use is:

    [wp-modal-login login_text="Login" logout_text="Logout"]

    You should paste this in a custom menu item with
    URL: http://#
    Navigationlabel: Login/Logout
    Description: the shortcode

    Save the menu and it should become visible and functional.

    it breaks the logout function 🙁

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    Just a quick update, I have begun working on the next major release, 2.1, and it will officially support wp_nav_menu() support.

    No set release date, but you are always more than welcome to install and test the bleeding edge versions on the GitHub account



    sound great! Is it possible to add on navigation with current GitHub version? or do I have to wait more?

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    Not available yet in the bleeding edge versions, but you can follow the repo and you should get notifications about any updates when they roll out.

    Just remember, branch 2.1 is an alpha version so I wouldn’t install it on any live servers 🙂

    Waiting for the good news, thanks Cole!

    I am stuck and have spend all day trying to add a jquery login form. Please help!!!

    Where is the nav description section and which shortcode should be pasted in there?

    Thank you.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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