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  • Hi, when I create buttons with icons (e.g. a “Contact us now”-Text with a small phone symbol next to it), then, after saving, this block no longer works: I can see the button and the text, but the icon is only shown in the backend, not in the frontend. Also, the block is marked as erronous. I looked into the console, there I see that the whole svg-path is removed from saving – “Block validation: Block validation failed for kioken/icon“.

    How can I fix this?

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  • A follow-up: I have now experienced the same issue not only with icons in buttons, but also with dividers and basically every single graphical element, Kioken makes use of (icons, shades, etc.). – There is a ton of errors in my backend (as well as in the frontend) to the level of my pages being no longer editable in the backend (overlapping error-messages).

    At the moment Kioken Blocks is therefore not usable for me and as this thread is open for 4 days now, support seems to be limited.

    Can you reproduce the problem? Is there a timeline on when it will be fixed?

    Plugin Author Onur Oztaskiran


    Hi @mkalina

    Sorry to hear that. This is not something reported before and I can’t reproduce the issue.

    What is your WordPress setup like? Do you use other plugins and if you use Gutenberg development version plugin or the one in the WordPress core?

    Because Kioken Blocks currently not being tested against Gutenberg plugin version due to lots of things changed in there and we prepare for the next big WP release.

    Please let me know.




    Hi Onur,

    Unfortunately, editing experience with Kioken Blocks really is a mess. Here is a screenshot of what Google Chrome’s developer console puts out. (I will delete the image end of March)

    There are multiple IDs, errors in Block validation, just about everything that comes up to my mind. I am willing to clone the site so that you can take a look at it, but this has to be rather fast and – to be honest – I am highly in doubt that this will be fixed in a timely manner.

    I see the same issue in this support-topic, which is 3 months old and no news there either.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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