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    Not sure if its an issue with the plugin, my plugin or wordpress itself. My plugin calls to the get_option() for each of a dynamic number of options. Not only do i know for certain it is retrieving the info and returning as the content is being loaded but i also debugged with var_dump();

    Yet none of these queries are shown in the profiler. Im not sure if they are being called before or after the profiler starts/stops or what.

    I did set checkpoints and those seem to show up for each query but the queryies themselves even to other options for my plugin dont show up.

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  • NVM it is a cacheing issue. Had to look through core to find why i wasnt seeing them. And now i know how to check for nonexsiting options as well which allowed me to free up an additional 4 queries leaving me with 0 queries on front end load..

    Great tool.. Leaving a 5 star rating now. Will never develop another site or plugin without it.

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