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    Hello all,

    I am attempting to use a shortcode to display an event calendar on a home page. I have installed WP Fullcalendar, and am using the following in index.php: <?php echo do_shortcode('[fullcalendar]'); ?>.

    Nothing appears on the page, and there are no errors. (I’m using Firebug.)

    I’ve tried specifying the type (event), and no luck.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Update:

    Here’s what is generated by the shortcode. Nothing appears on the screen:

    <div id="wpfc-calendar-wrapper">
    <form id="wpfc-calendar"></form>
    <div class="wpfc-loading"></div>
    <div id="wpfc-calendar-search" style="display:none;"> </div>


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    Do you have Override calendar shortcode? set to Yes under Events > Settings > General > Full Calendar Options?

    Yes. I’ve tried both ways. (And thanks for responding!)

    I tried creating a post with the included shortcode. No luck. Same markup is generated, but nothing is visible on the page.

    Because something is generated by the shortcode, it seems like the place to start looking is what comes after. Is there an ajax call to get the calendar? I don’t see any failures, so perhaps there is some other reason why this fails. Maybe all I need is a place to look that might help me unravel this.

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    I’d start by deactivating all other plugins and switching to the default theme, to see if there’s a javascript conflict causing the problem.

    This should be the correct syntax?

    [fullcalendar type="event"]

    I’ve tried with and without the type attribute, which seems redundant since I’ve defined this within the config pages. I’ve tried “events_fullcalendar” as well. Same result.

    Also, I’m going to step through the code that tries to render this section and see what’s going on. The only other plugin I’m using is EM, so it would be odd if that were the issue.

    If you have any other suggestions, please pass them on!

    In following the code, I find this in wp-fullcalendar.php:
    do_action('wpfc_calendar_search', self::$args);

    I tracked ‘wpfc_calendar_search’ to em-wpfc.php. There I find this:

    //this never worked because the action was never correctly called, until we add a setting for this in the options page, uncomment the line below or paste it in your functions.php file
    //add_action('wpfc_calendar_search','wpfc_em_calendar_search', 10, 1);

    Is this a problem? I can’t find the action referenced or defined in any other php file. Where else might I look?

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    if your theme supports widget on homepage you can use text widget then add fullcalendar shortcode.

    you can add this in your theme functions.php to enable shortcode in text widget – add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

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