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  • I don’t know about you, but I HATE IT that in Firefox and other browsers I can’t use the “FIND” within a web page feature when I’m writing or editing a post in WordPress. For instance, I have this huge link that I want to use again somewhere in the document, and if I use Cntrl+F, it will search through the web page of the Write Post screen, but completely bypass the textbox where I am writing or editing my post. I either have to scroll up and down to try to find it manually, or copy the post into a text editor, use that search/find feature, and then do what I want to do and then copy and paste the stuff back into WordPress.


    Well, there is now a plugin to fix this. And no I didn’t write it. Owen, the brilliant dude behind many of the great WordPress plugins, at did this after I complained and whined publicly about not being able to search through the write post box. See, sometimes you do get what you wish for.

    Called Write Post Find plugin, it puts two quicktag buttons in your Write Post screen right above the text editing box. One is FIND and the other is FIND NEXT. Click it, type in the word or phrase you are hunting for in the pop up window, and then bingo, it finds it. Not the right one, click FIND NEXT and it jumps to the next one. WOW!

    There are some useful plugins out there, but it is the little useful surprises out there like this that make this a joy to work with.

    Thanks to Owen for this little marvel. Just download it, unzip, upload to your plugins folder, activate it, and the buttons are now there on your Write Panel. Incredible.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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