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  • I want to limit the people who can view my posts. Setting it as password-protected is too clumsy, since I don’t want to hand over passwords to each and everyone of my friends. My idea is this:

    1. Have the option to “lock” certain posts that can be opened only by logging into Facebook (or Twitter).

    2. I then have a list of people on a per-post basis who can read that particular post.

    3. If you’re not on the list, then you won’t be able to “unlock” the post.

    4. The list must be customizable on a per post basis, and the “locking” mechanism can also be turned off/on on a per post basis. Some posts may require it, some posts may not.

    This way, I don’t have to give out passwords to everyone in my Friends list, and still have majority of them be able to read my “locked” posts.

    Is there a plug-in that can do such a thing? Or is it currently not happening? Is there a plug-in that can do something similar?

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