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  • My problem is how and WHERE to add the shortcode for JW Player to a WP article.

    I serve a few FLV videos. I recently found HANDBREAK to convert them to MP4s with even less file size! This means it’s time to move to HTML5 and goodbye flash.

    I use excerpts with thumbs as my front page. About 90% of my articles are video embed codes from many different sources.

    For embedding I use the INSERT/EDIT EMBEDDED MEDIA icon. I put the embed code into the SOURCE tab, click over to GENERAL tab and size it to my default 472. All is well. SOURCE accepts <object>,<embed> and <iFrame>. BUT, it will not accept the [JW shortcode], rejecting it immediately.

    If I put the [JW shortcode] in the HTML area of the WP Editor (with or without the CODE brackets) it will present fine on that SINGLE ARTICLE PAGE. BUT on the front page with excerpts it presents the full video and makes a big ugly mess of the first screen people see.

    Any ideas on how I can make [JW shortcode] work like the other embed codes? How or where to apply it so it works like embeds?

    I don’t have an example of the mess it makes because it makes the website look like crap. But here is what it normally looks like putting embed codes in SOURCE

    If I use [JW SHORTCODE] it does the title, then thumbnail on top, then a chopped version of the full video and no text.

    Thanx for any help.

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