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  • I am a newbie and am feeling really dumb. I am not sure if I have the right plug-ins to do what I want to do.

    I have created an ebook (.pdf) that I would like to offer as a free download on my website, but require the recepient to provide their email address in order to obtain it.

    I have downloaded the following plug-ins: Email Before Download, Contact Form 7, and WordPress Download Monitor. I have uploaded both the .pdf file to WordPress under my Media menu and the .jpg image of the cover. I have customized the form I want to use… but after that I am stuck. How do I integrate all of this to a widget that will appear on all pages of my website? I’d like to have the .jpg image as a clickable link to the contact form if at all possible. If not, I’m also fine with having the .jpg file above the contact form.

    I emailed a friend of mine who has this feature on her blog, but she is using a paid membership with AWeber. I would like to be able to do all of this on a free platform if it’s possible. Does this make a difference? I don’t consider myself to be a computer idiot most of the time, but I feel completely lost with this. What do I do next? Sorry this post is so long!

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  • Hi,

    I use Contact Form 7, Download Manager and Email Before Download together. I use BOTH option send my pdf file via email and inline download link. when I send form datas SEND button is freezing. PDF file is dropping my client’s spam folder because sender name is wordpress. Can I change it? and what should I do for fixing SEND button?


    Hi mmbussacarini and dev_apocalypseboy,

    If this is not yet resolved for you, feel free to send over the following information and we will attempt to review your specific site when we have a chance:

    1. Shortcode and a URL showing the WordPress Download Monitor working successfully
    2. Shortcode and a URL showing the Contact Form 7 working successfully
    3. Shortcode and a URL showing the Email Before Download failing

    We have recently tested on a fresh version of WP with Download Monitor and CF7 without issues, so it certainly could be incompatibility with your theme and/or plugins.

    Hi graphus,

    You have duplicated your post a number of times. As responded to you elsewhere, to change the From Email Address, please see the following “sticky” note:

    For the issue raised by mmbussacarini and dev_apocalypseboy, I hope this might help. From your description of the problem, you may have the same issue I did. After getting the “Fatal error: Class ‘downloadable_file’ not found in /wp-content/plugins/email-before-download/email-before-download.php…” error, I discovered that I had installed the “Download MANAGER” plug-in, and not the “Download MONITOR” plug-in, which is where the downloadable_file class is defined. After I installed the correct plug-in, everything worked.

    Hi cwb99,

    Thank you for taking a moment to mention this. It hadn’t even occurred to me that people might be using the wrong plugin (unfortunate that two plugins are named so similarly). We will look out for others that report similar issues. Thank you, again.


    I’m using email before download on my website and sometimes the link is not working. For example with chrome, I have this error:

    Error 346 (net::ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_LENGTH): Multiple distinct Content-Length headers received. This is disallowed to protect against HTTP response splitting attacks.

    What can I do?


Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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