• There is no easy way to say it: Tutor LMS is NOT Divi friendly. It loves Elementor and Guttenburg, but not Divi.

    After LOTS of time with tech support, here are some simple conclusions as of December 2022.

    1. There is a great Tutor LMS starter theme with some high level formatting… doesn’t work with Divi.
    2. There is a Horizontal Card layout for Courses… not on Divi.
    3. If you use the Tutor/Divi modules, you CANNOT do basic text formatting on your courses (bold, underline, etc). To even bold a sentence you will need to add all the information manually via basic Divi Text module. Not ideal.
    4. You need to download additional Divi Modules to add any level of customization to courses… but you won’t know that unless you hunt down the information on tech support pages. (edit: modules on this plugin page are the ones I’m referring to)
    5. You CANNOT customize anything about Lesson pages in Divi. Want the lessons on the right vs the left… not with Divi.
    6. Tutor LMS Tech support has LOTS of outdated documents making a lot of their advice useless. They seem to be in no rush to fix any of that.

    Example: The default Tutor LMS Course page functions as BOTH your sales page for new customers, AND the the landing page paid customers are forced to use to return to their lessons… Which means, unless you use Divi “conditions” on modules (ex: only show to logged out users,) then returning customers have to stare at “benefits, and marketing lingo” every time they just want to get into their content. The URL redirect fix for that on the tech support page is terribly outdated and doesn’t work.

    CONCLUSION: IF you have Divi, you have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to get anything to work like you want. You may want to steer clear of this plugin and Tutor LMS all together until they massively improve Divi integrations and support.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by pjkerwin.
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  • Thanks so much, you’ve made me feel like I’m not going crazy as I encounter all these issues. (Also very funny to find someone encountering these issues and posting on the same day and same time as myself!)

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    Yes. You must have jumped on the holiday sale as I did. Now we’re both wondering what we just stepped into.;)

    I’m not sure if I should be upset at Themium for selling me a buggy product, or upset at Divi for endorsing them on their site. Hopefully an update for Divi integration is coming soon.

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