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  • I’m designing a lifestream plugin that imports from RSS feeds and stores the data locally. I don’t want to use simple magpie caching because I eventually want to make the imported lifestream data show up in tag searches (i.e. posts tagged ‘london’ will show up along with my flickr photos tagged ‘london’ and my delicious bookmarks etc).

    I’m thinking rather than creating a new table, I could store this info in the wp_posts table using a different value for the post_type column, e.g. ‘lifestream’. Presumably such ‘posts’ would be completely ignored by the wordpress core leaving the plugin free to do whatever it wants.

    Can anyone see a problem with this and if so suggest a better solution?


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  • Hi,

    This is an old thread but I’m bumping it because I’m thinking of doing something similar and I am wondering if anyone can think of a reason why setting wp_post.post_type to some new value– like ‘article’, for example, which I’d then use for my own ends– could cause trouble. This takes posts of this new type out of the normal wp_query making for a very convenient way to filter them. I’ve been playing with the setup on an offline server and nothing terrible happens, though the wp_query has to be modified to get these additions to show up in a normal ‘Loop’ which is something I want only in very restricted circumstances.

    Hoping this might be a little relevant, but I’ve been browsing through the new plugins for the WordPress Plugin Competition Blog, and came across Post Groups which sounds a little like what you might be looking for…


    Hi. I opened that plugin and nosed around a bit. It looks like it works on a principle very similar to what I’ve already got up and running and which I’ve never been happy with. It isn’t really what I was looking for. However, looking at it does make me feel better about my own, already in place, solution. Maybe it isn’t as bad as I’ve feared.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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