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  • I am in a bind.

    I would like to replace the default custome template/theme with my own and need some help in learning how to do it.

    I have had the home page and secondary pages designed using CSS etc. (Besides recognizing the acronymn CSS, I have no clue how this whole thing CSS thing works.) How can I load these pages in WP 2.0 so that I have a new look new and feel? Where in the directory structure do I go? Which files do I need to replace? And if I include my new home page files how do I do them?

    Also, can I tweak my customized pages to include categories, links.tags etc? Where do I cut and paste the code to create categories, links, tags etc?

    I recently installed WP 2.0 and need help in tweaking my blog.

    I appreciate any help that y’all can give.

    Thanks for your time and help.


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  • Searching could be a good start, start with this page in the codex. Start from there, it’s fairly comprehenive and it links to the other articles that you might need. When it doubt, search it out!

    Okay. First off, learning CSS is important and the WordPress Codex CSS Pages can be very helpful to you. Now, once you understand the basics of CSS, the next step is to create a theme. Check out the Codex Blog Design and Layout section to help get you started. Once you have created your theme, create a folder that the theme is named after and upload the folder (with your theme files into it) to /wp-content/themes/yourfolder. Hope that helps and good luck! Make sure to read the codex, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If I can’t answer them, someone will. 🙂

    Kamla, I noticed in your other post you mention, is that where your blog is? If it is, which I suspect, then you can’t edit themes on there as far as I know. If you are on, you need to use their support forums, these forums are for the self-hosted versions of WordPress, so we’ll be a little help to you regarding

    Hi Nizol:

    Thanks for your replies.

    Oh, I have navigated up and down Codex…remdinds me of Unix man pages except there is no cmd and clear interface …

    I have the home page and the secondary pages already created and ready. All I am looking for is a way to load them and get my blog rolling.

    Yes, the current website is on, but I have a hosted version where I am trying to roll-out the new blog.


    Hello Spirit892:

    Thanks for your lead. Let me try your suggestion and see if that works.


    You need to navigate the codex again, because the answers are there. Do you know all about template tags, you need to add those and all of the other php to make the templates do anything. You need stylesheets and the bare minimum of basic templates to make anything work. If the codex doesn’t explain the basics of templates well enough to you, I’m certainly do not have enough patience to explain what line of code has to go where.

    Thanks Niziol for your suggestions.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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