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    Another issue I am having is that the theme I am using, it is set up to have a custom post type. So instead of the regular, “post” it shows “events” as well. This custom post type also has a tag section with itself. It has slugs as well, but it is in a section of its own if that makes sense.

    When setting up the plugin, it is smart enough to pick up the custom post types, thanks for putting that in, but it does not pull in the specific tags… so as I have #tags# and #category#, it does not pull those in, but it does pull in the title.

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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    WP to Twitter isn’t currently aware of custom taxonomies. It’s a project for me, though. For the time being, your only option is to type them into the custom Tweet text.

    Ah, gotcha, the only issue is that I have 40+ custom taxonomies/categories for my custom post type 🙁 so I think I will wait until a solution is available to deal with that.

    Thank you for letting me know though. This and the YOURLS integration is the only thing I need to get it to have it 100% working with my custom setup

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    40 separate taxonomies? Wow. That’s a lot. What kind of data are you handling that requires 40 separate taxonomies? No need to answer — just curious!

    I might be wrong now that I think about it in what I called “taxonomies”, but it is in regard to events and such. We handle events. Now I’m thinking that I really meant the categories for the post type. I don’t even know now. After some better thinking, and looking at the codex I think we are close to about 25.

    I think I have the term wrong though. We have 40+ categories in our custom post type… this was the original reason I started this. Sorry for the confusion.

    40+ different categories for the custom post type, “event” which is picked up by your great plugin, but the categories are not recognized within the post type.

    Sorry about that 😀

    I know this is old, but it’s related so I figured I’d just continue the thread.

    I do use custom taxonomies, and would like to send them via tweets like tags are.

    We don’t even use the default tag box, we split all things that a normal site would put in “tags” into 4 additional taxonomies. I’d like to be able to just put #tags# #taxonomyterm1# #taxonomyterm2# #taxonomyterm3# #taxonomyterm4# into the template and have it push out.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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