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  • Hi Guys,

    For all my templates I use custom fields to have everything editable through the CMS. Every little text can be found there. However, I want to create some custom text blocks on archive pages but I don’t want to create widgets, most clients find them to complicated. Is there any way to have the archive pages show up under ‘pages’ for example to add custom fields?

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  • There are a few options to complete this:

    1. Create a new page in pages – you would then need to create another loop on your archive template that looks for the ID of that page and returns the results.

    2. create an admin option form with a text area. They enter the text in here and you modify the template to pull that text in.

    3. You could create a custom post type for it, but that would be a little overkill – Like option 1, you would need another loop on your archive page that pulls in the new custom post type.

    Personally – I think option 2 is the best if you want a short chunk of text (and only text). Option 1 is better if you want formatting etc. Option 3 is just an option, I wouldn’t bother with it 🙂

    Hope that helps!

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