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  • Hi all,
    I need direction and guidance to bring this idea to reality. Because my English is not good, I try my best to describe it like this:

    Say I want to make a blog of my journey trough out Europe, contains a report of what I’m doing and where (location) it happens.

    I have 2 categories, cat:1 for the report and cat:2 for data of the location.

    Now for each report, I want to retrieve and show the related cat:2 content in the side bar.

    I think I can use custom field (CF) to do this.

    Say I use custom field key : location.

    cat:1 =>the reports

    • post#1:breakfast with Madonna. CF value = paris
    • post#2:lunch with Beckham. CF value = london
    • post#3:dinner with Bowie. CF value = paris

    cat:2 =>the location data

    • post#1:paris. CF value = paris
    • post#3:london. CF value = london

    The problem is, is it possible to do this. Using same custom field value to retrieve post from other category, then show it in the post’s sidebar. And how to do it. Or perhaps there are better solution to do this.

    any comment would be appreciated 🙂

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