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    I am trying to use the output from a custom field instead of the excerpt.

    I have managed to get the custom field showing below the title of the related posts. But the problem is the custom field takes the post ID of the current post instead of the related post.

    This is what I did, edited baw-manual-related-posts/inc/

    case 'excerpt': $p = get_post( $id ); $_content = '<br />' . apply_filters( 'the_excerpt', $p->post_excerpt ) .'<p>&nbsp;</p>'; break;

    case 'excerpt': $p = get_post( $id ); $_content = '<br />' . get_custom_field_value('cp_base_pay', $p->post_excerpt ) .'<p>&nbsp;</p>'; break;

    I tried:
    case 'excerpt': $p = get_post( $id ); $_content = '<br />' . get_custom_field_value($postid, 'cp_base_pay', $p->post_excerpt ) .'<p>&nbsp;</p>'; break;

    But it doesn’t seem to work.

    Someone please help.


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  • would something like this work?

    case 'excerpt': $p = get_post( $id ); $_content = '<br />' . apply_filters( 'the_meta_key', 'CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME', $p->post_excerpt ) .'<p>&nbsp;</p>'; break;


    I’m trying to do the same, show a custom field below the thumb.

    I’m still trying !

    Did you find a solution ?

    You should be able to use the bawmrp_more_content filter to output what you want without hacking the plugin’s code.

    @jason – I have a little knowledge about adding filters to my functions.php file in my child theme. Do I also add bawmrp_more_content filter to my functions.php child theme file, or do I do something different to customize plug-ins? I’m new to customizing plug-ins. Is there info in the codex about this, you could point me to?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Filters let you modify stuff WITHOUT customizing the plugin – that’s basically why they exist 🙂

    Read this page, as it gives a good overview and provides some basic examples:

    @jason – Thank you for this help.

    If I put the bawmrp_more_content filter in my child themes functions.php file it should it be modifying the plugin? Is this the correct place to put this filter? I could never find anywhere that talked about this.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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