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  • mythusmage


    Is there any limit as to what CSS can be used with the page builder?

    Do you have any guidelines for CSS use?

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  • goodmuyis


    As far as I know there is no limit, but if your css styles are not working, there is probability that another css style is overriding it (yours), hence you need to use !important to make your own css styles super-overrider 🙂
    For example

      color: red  !important;

    if you dont want to use important for some reason try to add parent or grandparent css selector in front of css style selector.(I dont like using !important myself, but uses it as last resort or at lazy moment)

    For example (HTML)

    <div class="wrapper">
       <h1 class="my-css-style">Howdy!</h1>
       <p>Matt is one good Guy</p>

    CSS Would be

    .wrapper .my-css-style{
      color: red  !important;

    Hope am not teaching you what you knew

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