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  • I’m currently using this Shoutbox plugin but have run into some issues with shouts disappearing instead of going into moderation or even the Akismet spam queue. So I’m wondering if its possible to create a page with comments enabled, grab say 10 latest comments from that page, and display it in my sidebar. I’ve seen some “recent comments” plugins but I’m not sure if they can specifically list comments from one page/post.

    Of course besides displaying the comments I’ll need the form for posting. Is it possible to have a form in my sidebar on my index page that submits to that specific page’s comments?

    Basically this will let me do two things: 1) Make use of any spam and comment plugins. Spam was the #1 problem with the Jalenack AJAX shoutbox. Waikay’s shoutbox plugin kinda works with Akismet but like I mentioned there’s some problem with disappearing comments. And 2) easily view the “full log” of the shoutbox; just go to the page itself. So… any ideas?

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  • I’d like to add a request for some help with this. What I’ve done is create a page called “Arbitrary Comments,” whose ID is 120. All I had to do then was add this code to my sidebar:

    <?php query_posts('page_id=120'); ?>
    <?php comments_template(); ?>

    And the comments and reply box appeared.

    However, I’d like the comments to be in descending order of recentness. Is there a way I can do this without altering the WordPress source? I tried pasting the contents of comments.php into the sidebar instead of using the comments_template function, but it seems there is more to that function than meets the eye, as this produced errors.

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