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  • Hello,

    I’m trying to use Co-Authors Plus to display byline information on my blog, which uses the Confit theme moved over from (via TortoiseSVN). Could someone help me edit the template tags?

    I’ve installed and activated Co-Authors Plus, and have created co-authors. Reading the Co-Authors Plus documentation, I found the template tags that display byline information (pasted below). I looked at the examples given in the documentation (for themes Hybrid and TwentyTen), but I couldn’t figure out which parts of the if-else function to change in the Confit template tags page.

    I would like to have each post to display the author I’ve specified for the post through Co-Authors Plus. So, for example, I would like the post below to display “by Rick Schubert, Director of Rehabilitation, the Wildlife Clinic” after “March 27, 2014,” as part of the byline.

    “Baby Squirrels in November: Unusual Wildlife at the Clinic
    Posted on March 27, 2014″
    link to blog

    His name and title are added as a Co-Author through the plugin. Although his name and title are currently displaying on the blog, it’s because I manually added them to the body of the post.

    Link to Pastebin with template tags code


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