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  • What you are selling is not actually yours. It is cloudflare cdn. Tell me 1 reason for why should go for azadify instead of cloudflare?.

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  • Plugin Author Lakjin


    Because some people may not want to turn over their whole DNS to Cloudflare. We offer one-click use of CDN whereas the integration with Cloudflare is significantly more complicated.

    You get all the benefits of Cloudflare’s network without the hassle of having to setup and use Cloudflare.

    Really complicated? It takes 60 seconds to scan website and 5 seconds to add nameservers for Cloudflare. WOW! That was hard.

    Michael I have to disagree, I need control over my domain records because of a complicated setup not only with mail domains but with sub-domains too!

    I really appreciate where you coming from and yes your right Cloudfare is really simple, the complexity is in peoples current domain setups to be fair.

    If your domain setup is very simple, such that you can let Cloudflare handle it then great! But, without a doubt there are many people that have much more complex domain records needed!

    Thank you Ashraf, I really do like the ability to use Cloudfare without giving them needless control of all my domain records….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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