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  • I think I understand that if I want a certain category to display a different theme, I should copy the template next in the heirarchy (category.php) and rename it “category-XX” (where XX is the ID# of the category). Then upload that to the server and somehow wordpress just knows how to use it.

    I am using Brandford Magazine (AWESOME, BTW)… and it comes with additional templates. I’m also using Category Pages to make more “blog like” pages, by category. If I want one of those templates as the template for category-xx, would I…

    1. copy the different template file (ex: featuredpage.php), and rename THAT category-xx…


    2. Do I need to copy the category.php file, rename that, and somehow include the featuredpage.php in that?

    I guess I’m confused as to how the featuredpage.php ends up as the template for category-xx. I really have read the codex and the questions about this on the site, but I am just shy of getting it, I think.

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  • You are mixing two very different features: Page Templates and Category Templates. They have nothing to do with each other.

    Don’t use Pages to display posts (in categories or otherwise)!


    Thanks for replying. When you say “Don’t use pages to display posts,” would you elaborate a little? Upon further reflection, I’m not actually doing that (I don’t think). I’m not using the Category Pages plugin (I was at one time, but didn’t end up using it), so I think I’m using the posts as normal posts.

    So where do I go from here? I’m trying hard to understand, but it’s not working. I’ve read the page templates and category templates codex pages, and tried to create a category-16.php from the featuredpage.php which came with the theme. I’m sure that the reason it didn’t work is somehow related to what you’re saying.

    Can you help more?

    Moshu – forget about elaborating. I read some of your other posts and I understand not using the page templates for the category.

    Having said that… how do I use a page template for a category?! The featured-page.php template with my theme is how I want to display a certain categories posts as? I have saved my archive.php as category-16.php. Where can I go from here?

    Here is an example of the featured page:

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