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  • Tim


    This is probably a dumb question but im new to this whole WP thing so please excuse ignorance/stupidity.

    Im making a child theme using twenty ten as the parent.
    im having trouble figuring out how to get the menu looking the way i want it.

    I need to use a bg color (which was easy) but also need to add colored buttons – which will also require me altering the height of the nav bar.

    Basically i had an existing site layout that i did in html/css and now i need to turn it into a wordpress theme. ive made significant progress altering the twenty ten theme to suit my needs but i am having trouble with the top nav (described above) and the sidebar nav (spreading out links and adding buttons).

    so here it what it looks like right now:

    and here it what it needs to look like:

    for the sidebar im using the “simple-sidebar-navigation” plugin but when i tell it to use a specific stylesheet it doesnt seem to work.
    does it have certain class and id names hard coded into it that i havent discovered?

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