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    I want to have both a blog and a webcomic on my website located at /blog/ and /comic/ respectively.

    I tried doing it with multisite enabled, but WordPress uses /blog/ for the URLs of posts made to / and therefore won’t let me make a site /blog/ (serious WTF).

    I can think of a few possible solutions, but need help with most of them.

    1. Make /blog/ show the blog for / instead of a 404 (going to /blog/ shows you what would normally be at /). No idea if this is possible.
    2. Find a workaround that lets me make a site at /blog/.
    3. Use two WordPress installs, one at /blog/ and one at /comic/. I’m not familiar with the pros/cons of multisite vs multiple installs.

    Anyone have some advice on my problem, or one of my possible solutions?

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  • I’m still hoping to get a response to this.

    the /blog issue was intentional. They had to pick something to go with to avoid conflicts off the main site. That’s what they went with. Not sure if there is a workaround

    Use two WordPress installs, one at /blog/ and one at /comic/. I’m not familiar with the pros/cons of multisite vs multiple installs.

    If you are basically having 2 websites, that are separate, 2 installs is fine. I have all my WP installs separate. I have no reason to integrate them. The files don’t take much space on your server, etc. Really you just have to spend a little extra time at upgrade time…. upgrading WP, plugins, etc. But with auto upgrades these days, it’s a non-issue

    Thanks for the reply!

    Are there benefits of integration that I might miss out on if I use 2 installs?

    Not that I can think of really. I mean in the future if you want to expand… offer sub-sites/blogs to people, make more sites, etc…. you won’t be able to real easily.

    I mean, you can convert a single install to a multi in the future. I converted one of mine….didn’t like it, and converted back.

    I think the multi site bit is actually overkill for a couple personal/small business sites. Introduces more bug possibilities, etc.

    If you need deep integration between the 2 sites, that would be harder with 2 installs….. but I don’t. I use my rss feed of one site to display titles of posts on another site, that’s all the integration I ever needed.

    OK. Thank you very much. I’ll probably go with two install then.

    Sure, glad to help! 2 installs will be so much easier than fighting with wordpress if you really need that /blog subdirecory

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    I have a multisite with 4 sites without the /blog part. Go to Super Admin > Sites and hover with the cursor over the “/” site and click edit. put in your “Permalink Structure” without the blog part and click “Update Options” . There is one catch, if you update your permalinks in Settings > Permalinks it will put the blog back in your permalinks. I think that is how I’ve done it, it was a long time ago, but it’s possible

    Thanks for the reply, keesiemeijer.

    I think you may have misread my question. I’m trying to put a page at /blog/ rather than the more common approach of removing /blog/ from the permalinks.

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