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  • I have run into a very frustrating problem whereas the multisite version of WP does not allow users to create a networked site with the /blog site address. I’ve read the reasoning as to why this is the case in the install instructions but the problem I have is a client already has her business blog vis a vis a wordpress install set up as

    she wants to continue using that path so that internal links on the existing site and incoming links won’t be broken when transferring the content from her old host over to the new host. But if I can’t create a site name with “/blog” then all of that is out the window.

    How do I go about getting rid of this restriction and the subsequent”The following words are reserved for use by WordPress functions and cannot be used as blog names: page, comments, blog, files, feed” error message?

    I don’t care if it requires a hack, I need this to work and am VERY disappointing that WP didn’t find a solution for this earlier since so many people have set their blog up in this way over the years.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!

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  • hakre answered this question over on the StackExchange boards.

    That said, is there any particular reason that the “/blog” subdirectory needs to be a separate site within the Multi Site installation? That is the default permalink structure for any “Posts” made within the root site in a Multi Site installation. Couldn’t the client just make posts within the main site?

    Yes, and all things being equal, that would be ideal solution! But she wants the site and blog to be branded differently (different themes).

    Thanks for the link, I’ll check that out!!

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    Yes there is a good reason. It’s been documented in the codex since the 3.0-beta days 🙂

    You can edit the site (go to super admin -> Sites -> EDIT site) and remove ‘blog’ from the URL, but that won’t turn off the checker.

    You can make a filter (as hakre mentions) or create a blog named ‘THISISATEST’ and the search the DB for that after you make it, and edit all refs of ‘THISISATEST’ and make it ‘blog’ instead.

    Interesting, so just remove “blog/” from the Permalink Structure in the edit screen of the main site then follow the rest of your instructions?

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    It should work. I’ve never tried it myself, but it LOOKS like the check is ONLY on site creation.

    I would actually change the mainsite from /blog/ to /news/ or /posts/ or ANYTHING else, but that’s me.



    Get some 301 redirects going perhaps?

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