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    Hi Mikey,

    Great plug in and I’ve had the worst happen.

    I posted this in another thread, but that one said it was “resolved” so I wasn’t sure if you’d see it.

    My website was hacked and I’m now trying to restore it from the backup.

    I followed your instructions here:

    But I have an issue.

    I’m trying to restore this website on a different hosting service. So the database names for the SQL file don’t match.

    Trying to restore it as you described returns an error message telling me I can’t create new database and access is denied. Is this because the new host has a different prefix on the database than the old host?

    Are there different instructions some place for restoring a website on another hosting server?

    I already created a new database and got the WP files uploaded, changed the wp-config.php files to point at the new database and this got my website up, but I’m missing all the database files, pictures and theme formating.

    Any help you can provide would be amazing.

    Love the plug in, it’s super simple. I know I have anything I need, just need some guidance on how to use it.


    P.S. Also I noticed there are 2 SQL back ups, one for the “core” files and one for “plug-ins”

    How do I use these? Your link didn’t specify that there would be 2.

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  • Plugin Author Michael De Wildt


    Ok, to migrate to a different blog you will need to make some slight changes to the two SQL files.

    You will need to change the database table in the following two lines to that of your new database. Eg:

    CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS new_wordpress_db;
    USE new_wordpress_db;

    Then you can execute the SQL files as the blog post instructs.


    Ok, sorry, I’m a bit of a newbie… How do I do this? Do you mean open the SQL files using an editor (I use slumtron) or do you mean something else? Sorry, I’m a little lost.

    Plugin Author Michael De Wildt



    You will also need to ensure that your database is empty before executing the files too.

    what can I use instead of: smultron under Windows ? Or will Notepad do?

    Thanks – Dominik


    At the moment I am finding it hard to actually locate the backup of the SQL file in the Dropbox backup. Where in the file structure is the .sql file stored?

    Ahh I did some digging in the FAQ and here is the answer

    The database is backed up into two files named ‘[database name]-backup-core.sql’ that contains all the core WordPress tables and data, and ‘[database name]-backup-plugins.sql’ that cotains tables and data related to your plugins. These files will be will be found at the path ‘wp-content/backups’ within the App folder of your Dropbox.

    I do have one issues. Within my backup I only have a single .sql saved and it is named wordpress-backup.sql. There is no second pluggin backup, is this correct?

    Plugin Author Michael De Wildt


    Older versions of the plugin created wordpress-backup.sql

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