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  • jaimebienlesfruits


    Hi y’all! I’ve just installed my WP, and being fairly proficient in PHP and quite comfy with XHTML/CSS, went fairly well with that. Now, what I want to do is not unfamiliar (seen it asked a couple of times before). I want to use WP as a CMS. Now, this is fairly trivial, so help me out here…Do I post stuff as posts or pages? Basically, my site’s a fansite, so I have discography (ie lyrics/translations) and bio. In that light, do I use pages, since they’re not dependent on chronology? Or do I use posts, hence making use of the categories–which can act/function as directories right?? (please correct me if I’m wrong)–and also allow comments for lyrics etc?

    I hope I’m not repeating stuff that’s been posted about, since I’ve looked around. My apologies if so.

    Anyway, ideas welcome. Thanks! 😀

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  • moshu


    We could give you a lot of “wise” advice… but it really comes down to how your content will be organized. I always make an “outlay” draft on paper – and, usually, end up with a mix of Pages and posts/categories. (Pages also can have parent-children relationship)



    Ah I see. Well, I have a pretty good idea how my site’s organised, since it’s been around for a while.


    -Josh (as in Groban)
    -Lyrics and Translations
    -Video and audio
    -Buddy Icons
    -Grobanites (fan stuff)
    -Useful resources
    -About the site

    Hmm, so you’re right, I should use posts and pages. Kinda confused though…how do you organise the links then. If posts can be organised under categories and pages can’t, how do you organise then? Or do you make individual directories and then somehow place pages/posts in each relevant folder?

    Anyway, off to do more research. Thanks!



    Posts are organized under categories, but Pages can have sub pages (and thus the parent would be the “category”).

    For me – when I use WP as a CMS (which is quite often lately), I think of it in this way: Pages are the stuff that is rarely changed. Like “About Me” or something like that. Posts are what I use for stuff that’s frequently updated.

    If it were *me* (and this is just my opinion, and how I would work it), I’d take your tree above and work it into something like so:

    –Lyrics and Translations

    -Josh (as in Groban)
    –Useful resources
    –About the site

    “–” denote sub pages/categories, “-” would denote a parent.

    For the following, I’d source it like this BUT I’d use plugins for the different options, and just call them through the sidebar. Different plugins would require usage of posts or Pages for each, depending on what you use (you’d have to read the instructions):

    -Grobanites (fan stuff)
    –Gallery (I like Gallery 2 for the heavy stuff)
    –Video and audio
    –Downloads (you could use Gallery 2 for this and
    –Wallpapers the Wallpapers, I’d think)
    –Buddy Icons

    That’s just how I’d set it up personally. I’d think it would be easier in this way, and simpler to maintain. but like I said, that’s just my opinion 😉

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