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  • Hi there,

    I’m using Anyvar to simply insert HTML-code into my posts – without having to deal with the auto-p and html-stripping functions of the wordpress editor.

    Now, the code i want to embed is something like “<div><form>blabla</form></div>”, the variable I determined is “optinform”.

    So I’m writing something like this:

    Hi, this is my text!
    <h3>Sign up now!</h3>

    The code I get out, is:

    <p>Hi, this is my text!</p>
    <h3>Sign up now!</h3>

    How can I make wordpress to not put p-tags around my div-containers?

    Thank you for your help.



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  • meeting the similar issue. Most times the auto-p is great, but in some special cases it become terrible.

    Disable auto-p is a method but not the best solution. Because I need manually add a lot of p. It would be nice when i press “Enter” in visual editor, it can automatically add <p> in HTML source code, then I can remove useless p in HTML editor.

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