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    A popup cannot be shown in an iframe. The iframe method is for showing external sites as an alternative to the default method. It will not work for all external sites. In all other regards, the iframe method is the same as the standard method.

    Can I show a post in an iframe as a popup?
    How would you advise display a post in a popup but staying in that popup when someone comments on the post? (With the URL changing to the URL of the post).

    Plugin Author allurewebsolutions


    Yes you can show a popup using the iframe method. Just follow the instructions on the plugin information page on how to use the iframe method.

    The plugin doesn’t support commenting on a post inside a popup and staying within the popup. It’s possible the iframe method may work for this, but I’m not sure. Worth a try.

    Yes, the iframe does work with comments, thank you.
    Is there a way to hide the header and footer on the page and just show the content in the iframe.
    Can I wrap what I want to show in some div or use should I use css/javascript?

    Plugin Author allurewebsolutions


    There may not be a way to easily remove the header/footer with the iframe method.

    You might be able to do it with this method:

    Is there a way to always show the page in an iframe – even if someone accesses the page url NOT from clicking on the link where I added the class=’modal-link iframe’ eg from a link in a forum/email, not from a link on my website.
    That way I can hide the header and footer on all posts pages in general – which will be fine because the post will always show in an iframe layer over the site.
    Is this possible with this plugin?

    the iframe method is not going to work for me since I have links on my page that will keep people in the iframe if clicked.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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