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  • (just a note on top here, my hoster bluehost updates all my WordPress sites automatically, no questions asked, so i kind of wonder why there still is this Version selection here in the forum???

    Anyway, to my actual technical problem;
    I still have a full Flash interface to one of my sites.
    The Flash movie was done on Flash 4, so it is kind of antique in a sense, but since i put in a lot of hard artistic work and still use it as my browser home page i want to keep it also on my new WordPress site.
    The only catch i have with Flash 4 is that i have no clue how to get the search box / button go to get some PHP coded link to the actual search page.
    I can only use a string that looks like this:

    On (Release)
    If (query ne “”)
    Get URL (“cgi-bin/linksaroo/”, window=”_self”, vars=GET)
    End If
    End On

    in other words an HTML style of Get command.
    What would be my HTML search page link HTML equivalent to <?php get_search_form(); ?>

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  • I don’t know a lot about ActionScript, but I figure it would be something like this:

    var s:String = "search phrase";
    getURL("", "_self", "GET");

    Basically, you just call a link to your site and pass it the s=search parameter to perform a search. There is no specific “file” you need to hit, just the main URL of the site is what you are sending the data to, in the “s” parameter.

    Thanks Otto,
    the var s:String = "search phrase";
    part IS the problem!!
    What i am trying to say is that Flash 4 is so old it did not yet have what they called “action script” in the later versions of Flash.
    In other words i only have preset options to chose from.
    One sector is called “Expression” the other “string literal”, and there is an “Expression Editor” (inside which i find no option to add something like a variation “s”
    Inside the strings editor i have several sections:
    General Operators, Numeric Operators, String Operators (mainly about greater than etc. option to add a string target)
    Logical Operations. Than also General, Numeric and String Functions, Properties, Global Properties, Multibyte String Functions- sorry, i lined these up because i never used any of them, no clue what they mean or how to implement….

    So i just wonder if this ominous “s” couldn’t be attached to the URL string somehow??

    Get URL (“”, window=”_self”, vars=GET s) oh, nope, the Vars options are only Don’t send, send using Get or send using Post, eieiei, my brain starts to rotate in circles….
    I know just that calling the home page alone does not produce any search results …

    and just tried..
    What WP suggests here
    so i could link to this new search page as in
    Get URL ("", window="_self", vars=GET)
    but – you guessed it – it just jumps to that page without fetching the actual search term, eieiei

    Yeah, no idea man. There isn’t even documentation remaining on the internet for flash code that old.

    I recommend rewriting it or ditching it. Sorry.

    Ditching a cutie like this:
    i worked this out completely in Flash, long before there where touch screens and tablets, just with the mouse.
    But anyway, i put on second best for my site so i can at least still use it as my home page – while visitors get the new main page, there’s always a work around everything ….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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