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  • I have a rewrite set up so that I can use a page structure like /stores/alabama/ and it will use the page /stores/ with a variable $state=alabama.

    I use the following code to achieve this:

    function add_state_var($vars){
        $vars[] = 'state';
        return $vars;
    add_filter( 'query_vars', 'add_state_var', 0, 1 );

    The problem is when you visit /stores/alabama/ it causes the page to redirect to /stores/ (Which is better than giving a 404 error which it did before, which means it’s not rewrite rules needing flushed).

    I removed the “post_type=page&name=stores” from the query variable and it in fact does not redirect, but instead goes to the landing page (however, it does have the query variable state=alabama).

    How can I make this URL point to a specific page and pass a query variable, without refreshing the page? Why is it refreshing the page?

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  • I just had the exact problem as you did. After a few hours of researching i found out that your permissions might affect the result of this function. Give your application writing permission to your .htaccess file, and you are good to go.

    Best Regards

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