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  • Hello!

    I read through the documentation on “Pages” but it seems to be maybe for a earlier revision of WordPress? It indicates that I should have an “edit” button to edit the permalink but I don’t have an “edit” button and the “change permalink” button redirects me to the permalink page?

    Anyway, that may not be what I’m looking for anyway 🙂 What I’m trying to do is create links to a few sub albums within an embedded Gallery2 installation. You can see under the “Pages” block here that I have “Picture Gallery”…

    The “Picture Gallery” link goes to the entire gallery. I’m trying to get the sub page to go to one of the Albums in the gallery. I know the link I want to go to for the sub gallery is this…

    But I’m at loss how to simply make that sub page go to that link. Seems like it would be easy but the “edit” link that the Pages documentation talks about is GONE! LOL

    Any ideas? I did read where somebody got it “kinda” working by changing the title of the Page to be an HTML link but it seems like I should be able to put some code or something on the sub page document and it would work? Or not. LOL

    Thanks for any suggestions and I apologize for asking such a basic question but I didn’t see much in the search I did or the documentation to help me out. Thanks!

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  • You are using the default permalink structure, so the option to edit the permalink probably is not showing for you. You have to choose a permalink structure before you can edit the links.

    In order to make one button on your page menu point to something other than a top-level page, you would probably have to hard-code the menu or at least that one button. That might be tough to do with the Suffusion theme.

    Also, you may want to know that your site is about 50px too wide to fit 1024×768 resolution. The default width of the Suffusion theme is 1000px, which is actually just a little bit too wide.

    Thanks, SS_Minnow for the reply!

    I didn’t really want to do any hard coding because setting this for a buddy who wouldn’t know how to do that 🙂 But, I did find a work around that seems to work just fine. For the title of the page, instead of putting simply “1970 Mustang” I put the following instead…

    1970 Mustang

    That shows the sub page as “1970 Mustang” but when clicking on it, it goes directly to the sub album which is exactly what I was looking for. It doesn’t seem to mess anything up so I guess I’ll just do this until I hear of a better or “right” way to do it. Haha

    Thanks to for the recommendation on the size. I was having trouble getting Gallery2 to fit inside the Suffusion theme and I had to make the Suffusion theme at 1040px wide. You prompted me to dig a little further to figure out why I couldn’t get it to work and I found it… while I was changing the Gallery2 width to 650px, I had missed that there was some CSS settings in the WPG2 plugin set to 738px. I change that to 650px and then changed the Suffusion theme down to 975px and I think it should be good now. Is it working on a 1024 resolution now?

    Thanks much for the feedback and help!

    Note: the above 1970 Mustang showed up as a link. LOL But, here is the text that I put but there was the “proper” coding for a link…

    { a href=”″>1970 Mustang</a }

    I’m not sure where you used this

    { a href="">1970 Mustang</a }

    but that doesn’t look like any code I’ve ever seen.

    SS_Minnow… sorry about that and for not being clear 🙂 That’s what I meant by “proper” code above. Where the { is there should be a < but if I use < then it turns it into an actual link (like it did when I replied back originally.

    So, you are correct… that’s not the right code… I just did that so somebody who might be wondering the same thing could see how the code looks. But, if I was really smart I would have noticed the “code” button here and used that instead. Hahaah Here is what it SHOULD lookd like…

    <a href="">1970 Mustang</a>

    Maybe that’ll come out right. Sorry again about that… newbie here and not used to this forum 😀

    That’s pretty funny. Glad it worked for you.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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