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  • Hi guys…

    I need to manage a blog about a fantasy game (Dungeons & Dragons in the Forgotten Realms) and I need both to:
    – use different names for months (that can be done with a translation), for example Hammer instead of January.
    – use years previous to 1961 (we are in 1371).

    Someone can help me in this task?

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  • Update: I just want to add that… the database is perfectly saving the 1371 date, the problem is in the handling of WordPress of dates, in visualization and also extraction of the posts.

    Also, that “trick” was working in the 2.1 version.

    that could very much be down to PHP itself… or worse, the base operating system.

    I’m not sure exactly how PHP does this, but operating systems deal with time and date based on ‘ticks’ which turns out to be a very large number based on a given value.

    So todays date is calculated by the number of ticks since somewhere mid last century… so functions based on this algorithm which can be used to perform mathematical calculations on time and date, are limited to a certain range.

    Your best bet is to keep the month/day of your posts the way you want them, but use either hard-coded year in your template, or use a custom field in your posts for the year.

    If you’re always in 1371 (never in 1370) then it’s easiest to just have wordpress display the month/day only and hard-code the year in your template.

    Ivovic… thank you for your ideas…

    But I don’t think that the first part of your post (tick handling) is client-related.
    That is indeed server-side stuff.

    The thing that I’m bothering about is that WordPress saves the correct date into the database but the WordPress editor displays the wrong date, but it’s just a javascript/date_handling problem in it’s visualization.

    So the problem is still open.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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