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  • Hi!

    Instead of using the normal posts with ‘Status’ category, isn’t cleaner with WP 3.0 coming to use a custom post type? Personally, since I want to use posts for something else, I would love to isolate the status entries so I don’t have them messed up.

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  • It depends on personal preference. Custom Post types are totally excluded from the main loops etc, so if you just want them to be like their own thing, then yeah.

    Are you referring to P2 theme or talk generally? Is there a way to make the status entries in P2 get stored as a custom post type (e.g. ‘status posts’) instead of normal posts with ‘Status’ category?

    I’m talking generally. P2 is meant to be JUST the status posts, so that’s probably as intended. It’s the only kind of post most people make on a P2 install, IIRC.

    Hmm.. makes sense.

    Well, if I enabled MU feature, will I be able to create a blog with K2 theme enabled specifically for that? And does that work with BuddyPress, since I heard that BP needs to enable a special theme for the whole network.

    You can use separate designs for each MultiSite site 🙂 So yes. I would make a Child Theme with your changes, though, if you’re changing the theme code.

    And BuddyPress … Maybe. I had good luck with this plugin and my theme:

    Will give it a try. Thanks! 🙂

    Hmm, it seems that WordPress MU uses a different user table (or completely different database, maybe?) for every child blog. This isn’t what I want at all, since I am using it for a family site, so every member should have an account that can be used in all of the site blogs.

    Do you know if there is a way to change this behavior?

    If you’re using MultiSite, you can set it up so everyone has access to every site. Default behavior is that they’re subscribers, but you can use the “new blog defaults” plugin and others to make it so everyone’s an author everywhere.

    WordPress Multisite is like running your own 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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