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    Hello! I’m a noobie, but I’ve always managed to find a solution or alternative. So this is my first direct question.

    I need to make a forum using a second theme.

    This is what I did:

    I used “Page theme” plugin to make a page called “forum” that has a different theme then my actual main theme. Since P2 and Prologue Pro are twitter-like themes, they offer the perfect forum I need.

    The problem I ran into was that both p2 and prologue pro use the home page as the “twitter like” forum. So my “Forum” page was useless. Even though it was running on P2 or Prologue Pro.

    I also noticed that they use wordpress posts, as the forum. Wouldn’t this flood my homepage with posts that where put in the forum ?

    So is there a way to set up the second theme, in-order for it to function as if it was the main theme ?

    Or do I need to set up 2 wordpress installations on my site so that the forum posts don’t effect my actual posts and P2 can run as if it was the homepage ?

    Page theme plugin –
    P2 –
    Prologue Pro –

    Thank you in advance for any feedback 🙂

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  • If you’re looking to use a different theme for your forum, you’ll want to either setup a new installation of WordPress or just convert your current installation in to a multisite WordPress install. The process for this is pretty straightforward and is outlined in the WordPress Codex:

    A multisite install will allow you to quickly and easily create a new site within the same install. Each site in a multisite install can use a different theme and activate different plugins.

    Thanks 🙂 Exactly what I need.

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