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    Im hopeing to come up with a solution and here is the issue.

    I have a item in woocommerce that is a variable product.
    Customers can choose to order
    300 ect

    Issue Im having is USPS Plug in only works to 70 lbs.
    If my customer orders 200 of that item it is 89 Lbs and the usps system returns a ugly ” no shipping option available”

    So I tried to set up a weight based shipping for the heavier items in my AWD Weight/Country shipping module.

    **** This worked and error went away..

    *** The Issue is when a user adds 1 item to their cart and go’s to check out, The weight based price I set up for heavy orders is showing.. And does not go away.

    Even if I use the calculate shipping *USPS* the AWD Weight/Country SHIPPING price is still included in list..

    I need to hide AWD Weight/Country untill USPS runs out of options and then have it dispay the shipping cost as I set up.

    If some one knows another solution Im all ears.

    Please dont say its a theme or wc out of date, as I tested this on updated core files and still doing same thing..

    Is there a hook I need to add? Or am I missing something

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I’m not familiar with the AWD Weight/Country plugin you are using, but I do know WC supports 1 shipping method at a time, and if multiple methods are available, multiple rates will be offered.

    You could perhaps make a custom function to unhook other methods if the weight is less that a certain amount, something like

    Or easier, just do all your rates with a single shipping method.

    I know the WooThemes USPS method lets you ‘box’ items (letting you limit to 70lb) or you can just do your heavy and light methods with table rates.

    Mike thanks for the reply, That is all I want to do is hide the weight based shipping up untill there is no option in usps for 71bls. Then have my weight based 71|79.99|1 Take over

    The code you sent, Could you fix that for me so I could try it.. Ive spent money every week buying a new extention for woocommerce and last night was the USPS and now I could use a little help,,


    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I can’t really code it for you. If you first var_dump( $available_methods ) you can see what methods are registered.

    From there you can look at $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_weight and make a conditional based on that.

    If thats too difficult, maybe consider:

    Affiliated Woo Workers:

    I have a work around now by adding shipping as a var option. Not what I was hoping for, but. Not even sure from what you say, that if I used your table rate plug in I would accomplish what I need.

    Thanks Mike

    P.S is there a shortcode for calculate shipping in the usps ?

    I can add to a single product?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Shipping is calculated at the cart, based on cart items. I know our USPS plugin works in the cart only, not on product pages. Can’t talk for 3rd parties though.

    Excellent… Now off to find some one to tweak my shipping,, Thanks for the links

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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