• Hi

    I have lots of posts that use <embed src=”xxx.pdf”> to embed a pdf into a post but it has stopped working.

    I now see a message (on all browsers) saying a plugin is needed to view this content.

    Example here – http://www.mktfitness.co.uk/gifts-test

    It’s possible I’ve deleted something I shouldn’t have but does anyone have any idea what I’ve done?


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  • The message refers to a browser plugin. PDFs don’t display in browsers like images. It requires a plugin.


    I realise it’s a browser message but it was working before.
    I think I must have had something installed in WordPress that allowed the pdf’s to display but I don’t know what.

    I can’t find ay plugin that allows you to use the <embed src=”xxx”/> syntax


    You don’t need a plugin to put <embed src="xxx"/> in a post. You can type it in, or you can use this trick (not tested but it makes sense). You do need a browser plugin to view it. If it used to work and you now have a browser plugin message, what has changed something on your computer, maybe you deleted Acrobat Reader or something. There is nothing that WordPress can do to force a PDF to show up if the appropriate reader is not available. Browsers do not handle PDFs natively like they do images. Said reader is available on my computer and I can see your PDF.

    If you don’t mind being dependent upon a third party, you can use Google Docs to do it.


    thanks for your reply.

    I’m still confused as I can no longer see it in FireFox or Chrome but I can in Safari.

    This same is true on another computer.

    Can you see it in Firefox?

    It’s really odd as it was definitely working before but I take your point about it being a browser plugin that is used to display the pdf.


    Can you see it in Firefox?

    Yes– Windows 7.

    Don’t trust what Safari does. It is a minor browser, it does oddball stuff (like display TIFFs), and it isn’t representative of anything.

    There are really two ’embedding’ tags that you need to worry about– <embed> and ‘<object>` ( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2254027/which-browsers-support-the-embed-and-object-tags ). You may be seeing an issue with that.

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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