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    after my initial review the developer decided to immediately change the plugin to use the MobileDetect script to truly show different content to different devices, instead of just hiding the content in CSS with display:none;.

    I therefore have changed my opinion and rating of this plugin, it’s a cool implementation of the MobileDetect script and enables the user to show completely different to a variety of different devices.

    Well done!

    previous review:
    I think it would be a good idea to inform potential users about how you show different content to different devices.

    I went into the code to see whether you used the MobileDetect script or sth like that only to find out that your plugin basically is a stylesheet that works with mediaqueries and uses display:none; to hide the desktop and tablet content from the mobile content (as an example).

    This indeed is one way of doing things, but keep in mind that the desktop content (large images) are still loaded for mobile; they are just set to display:none; in the CSS.

    My suggestion would be to add this, including the pros (easy) and cons (uses loads of bandwidth as it still loads all content), to the description of the plugin, just to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

    In addition the demo goes to a page that throws a 500 internal server error

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  • Plugin Author dylanfeltusdesign


    Thanks for your input!

    Plugin Author dylanfeltusdesign


    Hey Piet,
    I changed the plugin so it no longer uses CSS media queries… I also added some shortcodes that target iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Kindle. (Not tested on bb and kindle yet)

    Also, there was a temp error causing that Internal Server Error but it should be fine now.

    Hi Dylan, very cool and rapid change 🙂
    I adjusted my review accordingly.

    Plugin Author dylanfeltusdesign


    Thank you

    Piet, thanks for the wonderful review. Both, actually.

    I am now firmly decided that this is the plugin I need. Thanks also to Dylan.. I’m already impressed with the fantastic responses. Can’t wait to write my own review after I’ve implemented it. 🙂

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