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    I am using the Members plugin to manage access rights in my WP server. When I unassign admin roles to a user (leaving the user with no role), the Individual Multisite Author plugin does no longer display that user as an author of his blogs.

    I believe this is a bug. To workaround this issue, I have to reassign a role (I assign Author role in my test) to the user, then update every single article of his so that he ‘re-appears’ as an author of the blogs…

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    Hey kristtranslate,

    thanks for reaching out.

    IMA does not change the author-post relationship. When the problem happens, does disabling IMA solve it and authors appear again? If not, then I cannot see how the plugin causes this.


    Plugin Author Thomas M


    Hi @kristtranslate,

    I reproduced the issue and I am very certain, that this is a WordPress core problem.

    It seems that, as soon as you disable a user from a given site, their meta data is removed and they are unassigned from their posts.

    Getting them back needs some manual work.

    My IMA plugin is not involved in any of this. As soon as the user meta data is gone, it cannot provide a translated version of the author information.

    Thanks for making me aware of this. I learned something new!


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    I see. This might be linked to this issue too: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2022/01/05/new-capability-queries-in-wordpress-5-9/ .

    Thanks for checking anyways. I’ve decided to reassign roles to the users to work around the issue.


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