• This plugin appears to have a lot of potential. It really looks great on their website. The problem I have is like MANY plugins the installation instructions and support pages are written like we (the non programmer)are supposed to understand what they are saying. The installation instructions and examples need to be simplified or at least step by step. It also appears they are still updating their website so things are changing rapidly. Suggestion… Put up some examples of sights in different configurations and explain how to build the page the way it looks. Folks like me who may not do this full time like look at something and say “man that would look good on my site” and then tailor it to match our site….Also redirect codes they supply are not working so when users log in it stays on the log in page instead of going to your home page. I have read their forums and other folks are experiencing the same issues. The support site leaves a lot to be desired also. I usually use the same variations of passwords for all these sites. The system won’t let me log in. I tried to reset the password. The Email I got said to click on the link to reset. The link does not work. Sooooo…. I don’t know. I think it is a great idea for a plugin. I am not going to get rid of it yet. Hopefully they will fix some of the bugs quickly so i can get it up and running on my site. I would even go “Pro” if i could get it set up like i want it. 3 Stars only because of instructions and support.

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  • Hi @vetpref,

    Thank you for an honest review. I don’t normally give much credit to reviews because they tend to be either out of retaliation or just junk (one or two word) reviews. This type of review however, I am very happy to see.

    You have spelled out some issues we have been having and will correct as soon as we can. Those issues are being fixed.

    I was not aware that there are any issues with the support site not letting someone in. Thanks for bringing that up. I apologize if that is a persistent thing. We will get that fixed.

    We are updating the support website to add a couple forums for the pro version and to add some explanations about the support process and what users can expect from us. We will very soon be updating the site to include tutorials, so yes we are updating the site and that is happening as quickly as we make things available.

    Using the shortcodes from the examples we have given create the view in the examples. I’m not sure how to explain that better.

    Throughout the forums there are responses given that show the different ways and options for displaying items on your website, and I agree tutorials will be helpful. We have been working on getting those tutorials out and they will begin showing up soon.

    Thanks again for your generous review.

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