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    We have had a new user register to our website. Luckily it’s an employee. When they went to view their User account page, they were seeing data from a previously deleted user.

    WordPress assigned the new user id 11. Unfortunately, in the gdpr_userlogs, there was already data for a previously deleted user with user_id 11 reference, so the plugin assumed it was the same user.

    I am not sure that WordPress re-uses ids for deleted users but wouldn’t expect them to.


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  • @sumatanjunior we are looking into this – thank you for bringing to our attention.

    When a user is deleted from the GDPR delete button from privacy tool page it also removes the data from “gdpr_userlogs” as well make data anonymized from the wp_user table.

    And if an admin deletes the user from WordPress default delete button then gdpr_userlogs will remain there. But then new user which will be created will get next id of the user.

    It is helpful if you let me know what process cause this issue. did previous user delete his account or admin perform delete? and from where that user is deleted?



    The previous user was deleted by the administrator. When the new user signed up, their Id was somehow the same as the old one that was previously deleted.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention @sumatanjunior .

    Development is correcting this so that even if admin deletes user the logs get removed.

    And double checking that user_ids are not reused but always increment to a new id.

    Plugin Author Data443 Risk Migitation, Inc.


    We have added the hook to delete user log data so if an administrator deletes a user the log will also get deleted.

    But there is no way to stop this error if the user deletes the record from the database directly.

    New release will be coming shortly.

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