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  • I have created additional fields and set it blank for users screen as I don’t want these additional fields to be editable by the users. But they show up in member profile page and are editable by users.
    jobs.design-flute.com/account is member profile page.

    Have I misunderstood the use/role of user screen??
    How can I make the extra fields “not-editable” by the users.

    A great plugin works great on my main site. So customizable too! A big thank you to plugin author.


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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Once of the properties of each field in the field management tab is “display”. If it is set to display, it will be part of the registration form and thus editable by the user. If display is not checked, the field is still available to be used by the admin, but the user will not have access to it.

    Thank you so much for the clarity.

    Like username which cannot be changed is it possible to make these extra fields not-editable by users and still display them. I mean is it lot of work or with a bit of tweaking can be done?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Any fields that you add are user meta. WP user meta fields are stored in wp_usermeta and can be retrieved with get_user_meta. You could display the results a lot of different ways. If you want it to be in line with the form results, you would want to use the wpmem_register_form form filter.

    Not just excellent plugin but excellent support too.
    Thank you very much.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    No problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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