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    I start to think I getting this plugin wrong, so I wonder

    When a user upload media, It get visible in the Media list in dashboard backend. That means I got 3000 members, and they uploading pictures, and when I gonna work with admin content, I have to search my own media thousends of pictures for creating a new post / page.

    Is this plugin ment to be used for internal communities more or less?

    All my site settings for image_sizes applies to each members uploaded material so I my extra sizes (6 st) means each member will produce 9 + thumb versions of each picture + original left.

    Means 1 uploaded picture of each member will put 27 000 pictures in my standard upload/month folder ?

    And also wondering: If I click on “Attached to” = “Wall post” I come to somewhere “Edit Album” with a exerpt field, and a link “create”

    If I create I got a died “Invalid post type”
    if I Change the Headline here I change the members Album name front end. Thats cool if this member is a contributor and can use the dashboard backend, but my 2990 students are not.

    The latter is very good for “internal” networks in a company.

    So, a little perspective would be nice, if Im getting it all wrong all is this plug way to early tpo be use for large scaled communities ?


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  • Note: If this is ment to be so, a filtering out hook from dashboard media list or some “bulk action” would fix this. Hook?

    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal



    We are using WordPress media library for media-management.

    In future version we will be filtering-out user uploads from default media screen. We may add an admin-page where admins can see user-uploads at one glance (for moderation purpose).

    We have already added some post_meta for buddypress-media uploads. So technically you can “hide” them from media-library with few lines of codes.

    All backend pages will be gone in future. What you see is mostly wordpress defaults.

    We need to add some codes to hide them at many places. If we do it now, it will result in a lot of rework going ahead. So we are focusing on group-media feature first. Then we will add codes for “hiding” everything that is NOT expected.

    This plugin is being developed for large open communities so all user-interaction by design should be from front-end.

    For image-sizes, we will be adding some codes so only thumbnails will be created as extra image for every image uploaded. So you will have 2 images for every image upload. This is to improve performance. IMHO thumbnails won’t take much disk space but they will speed-up page-loading and also reduce bandwidth usage.

    Sounds promising, this:

    We have already added some post_meta for buddypress-media uploads. So technically you can “hide” them from media-library with few lines of codes.

    Would you be avible to provide an example ?

    In your roadmap, It would be nice to have a checkbox for “intergrate front end uploads with WP core”. Means keep an option of todays behaviour. If using Buddypress as internal network, project management setup, or some user roles will work smoothly with the front end design of yours, the admin and contributors can access the material, in posts, sliders or commercial purposes / products etc etc.

    Moving this to Github

    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal


    Thanks for using Github. 🙂

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