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  • I created a wordpress blog for a friend who has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer as a means for her friends to get updates on her condition and to send her messages.

    People have been registering – but no one is getting a password emailed to them.

    I registered as another user other than admin and I received an email but it came from my localhost.

    I have searched the forums and tried going through the codex but can’t seem to find where this is addressed.

    Do you have to use the blog by email in order to get the passwords to go out?

    Is there a way to not require a password?

    Where would I set up which email server to use other than in the blog by email section of admin (I am running my mail server on a separate machine?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated –


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  • You probably need to talk to your host support staff about this; differing server setups do different things regarding sending email. Each server setup is a one-off.

    Once you know exactly what your host’s server setup does as regards email from scripts through whatever sendmail program variable is used, you’ll have a better idea where to start.

    Sorry – I am my support host staff –

    But i finally did find some posts relating to an older version of WP that I am going to try.

    Just in case anyone else is reading this thread trying to find a solution –

    WP uses PHP to talk to Sendmail – or in the case of OSX I guess Postfix. If you don’t have your postfix enabled – the mail doesn’t go out.

    There is a plug-in called wp-phpmailer which I am going to try and which you might want to look into.


    Thanks. I am following this post because I have a similar problem. i am using Windows IIS server to run wordpress but none of my emails are getting sent out, so no one can register (I have to do it all myself- pain!).

    @whitethunder – when I was hosting on windows, I had to edit php.ini to point to a proper smtp server (and not sendmail). A quick google of windows php smtp should turn up what you need to do as well.

    I am having this problem too. However, it was all working less than two weeks ago.

    I am also suffering from this annomaly. The sad part was that it was working for me, untill i moved my blog from a subfolder ( to its own sub domain (

    Ever since i made this move my email alerts have stopped working. Please someone help me if anyone knows an amswer to this. It does not seem to be answered in any of the previous posts.

    My wordpress isn’t sending passwords as well. First i’d thought that was the php-mailer which wasm’t sending them. But it is sending me the “new user notifications”. But new users isn’t receiving their passwords. What it may be????

    As admin I’ve receive the “new user notification” both SMTP and phpmailer.php, but they haven’t.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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