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  • I do some hosting of wordpress blogs and would like some advice from other admins. I use centos as a host for debian virtual private servers. This setup is openvz.

    One of the people we do charitable hosting for has several sites and one blog. I have set up his own vps for these sites. He has ftp access to the webserver. Ssh is far too complicated for him.

    On the debian vps, I have added his user to the www-data group. This way when he uploads his archives/plugins/themes the server can read use them. I force the group www-data through the ftp server on all uploaded files. WordPress, however, often creates 755 permissions on new directories it creates. For example: wp-content/uploads/2008/02

    This leaves a problem, only the user 755 has access to the files, not the web server.

    Questions: Is it too much to ask for someone to have to change the permissions to 775 on their files and directories? Is there a better way to set up the server for ftp access and a wordpress blog? Is there an easy way to have wordpress create folders with 775? (An easy/gui way that doesn’t require me babysitting the thing every time he updates wp or adds a theme) Or should I politely ask him to be hosted elsewhere?

    I am getting very tired of his threats and nasty-grams, any advice is appreciated.



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    775 on their files..

    uh, why would that even be an option?

    Sounds to me like you dont understand basic permissions? You want to set an executable bit on a php file ..

    why not do it the normal way, and use suexec. It works for PHP.

    This is an option because he has ftp access to the server, mostly to upload files for other non-wordpress domains. This is quite common I assure you.

    This is not a php problem, you don’t seem to understand the question. Suexec has absolutely nothing to do with this. Maybe if I restate it you will understand.

    How would one set up a server with ftp access for uploads and wordpress to play nice? Without having the owner of apache process (system account) having a password, yet still allow users to upload content that the server could use. My way works great, the user has to change permissions on the items he uploads. Mostly in the archives folders where the user is uploading his own material.

    As second thought, I see this forum is mostly for developers. Not admins. If a kindly moderator could move this post to a forum that is more appropriate I would appreciate it.




    lol, ok, right, no-one here has any experience with Linux, BSD, php, or Apache setups 🙂

    I work for a hosting company btw. And if your setting executable bits on PHP files, to take care of a permissions problem thats easily resolved by using suexec so the web server HAS permissions .. well nough said.

    Im sure you know what the standard umask is for files and directories.

    Maybe you want to take your question over to the new (whatever its called now)

    Moved from Advanced to Miscell.

    Closing it since it is more a server setup issue and we do NOT support those questions.

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