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  • I searched Google and the forums before posting this; having found nothing I’m now worried that this is a complicated issue. Regardless, I want to try to tackle it if I can. Maybe I’m just using the wrong keywords.

    Starting out, I intended to provide a list of users in the sidebar that displayed their gravatar and how many posts they had made, since it is a multi-author blog. I found a plugin that had been slightly outdated and, when it didn’t work, I simply uninstalled it and looked for another to accomplish the job. The original plugin I installed said that it could not find any users.

    I then came across the the GD Simple Widgets ( and installed it. After setting up the blog authors widget, the system returned a blank list.

    I have around 10 users setup, two of which are admins and the rest are set to author. I’ve double-checked the settings in gdSW Post Authors and everything should be set correctly. It’s still not displaying any users.

    Any ideas of where to start? Thanks guys.

    I’m running WP 2.8.4.

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  • I had no problem using the plugin and displaying authors with the gdSW Posts Authors widget. Using the WordPress Default theme, and, of course, have authors who have actually written posts.

    The more I look into this the more I think that there is something wrong with a lot of the files on the system. I believe another plugin may have corrupted something. I’m going to try a fresh install and will report back to see if its working.

    Alright, so no luck at all. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m just trying to get it to display a list of authors and their gravatars. This should be inherent in WordPress as a widget.

    Here’s a link to the blog:

    As you can see, I did a fresh install. I wiped the database, deleted the files, and uploaded a new install (still 2.8.4). I’m using the default theme. I downloaded GD Simple Widgets and uploaded them, activated them, and moved the Post Authors and Random Posts to the sidebar.

    Post Authors is still believing there are 0 results. Random posts is all thrown out of whack, and for why I do not know.

    My Post Authors widget is set to display users with more than 1 post (both users I’ve setup have two posts) and is not set to show gravatars (one thing at a time!)

    Any help, please, please. This seems like such a small thing and it’s turned into such a huge nightmare.

    Uninstalled gdSW 1.5.4 and uploaded 1.5.2. The plugin does not show up in my Installed Plugins list.


    lord69, please don’t spam.

    It at least got me to laugh after being really frustrated at this.

    There is that 🙂

    I’m looking at your blog and there’s nothing for authors in the sidebar. Did you remove it again? So far the theme looks okay.

    I can’t remember if the default theme is widgitized or not.

    The default theme is, and yes, I removed it for the time being. It wasn’t displaying anything anyway (an empty ul tag).

    I’ve discussed it with some coworkers and we’re going to take a look at some permission settings. Hopefully the answers will all be found in the CHMOD data! I don’t have high hopes, though.

    I am the GDSW author, and I double checked the plugin again, and there are no problems. I tested it with different themes and setups and all widgets are working. I use the plugin on all my blogs and I know of hundreds of other blogs using it, and no one is having problems you are having.

    However, there is a minor bug with author plugin that happens only if your users database table has different prefix from the rest of the wordpress tables on your blog. If this is not the case, can you tell me if you have something else different from default or standard installation.

    Also, can you enable debug in the plugin (on the plugins main settings page). This will log all sql queries plugin executes into a debug.txt in plugins folder, and this can point to a problem.

    Just to be sure, I have released new GD Simple Widgets 1.5.4 with users table fix and several other changes and fixes.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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