• Here are some things that i don’t like on WP and i want them to be changed.

    -when a user register and/or log in it must go to that ugly menu and when is logged in on the website if the user want to go to the profile it must click on “Site Admin” instread of “Profile” this must be fixed somehow. -that ugly profile/menu must be changed with one like “pligg” for the users
    -write a new post/submit news to review must allow any user to submit without being registred

    I have a blog with many users and this thing are very annoying, this must be fixed in the next releases of WP

    i hope you will understand what i’m trying to say because i don’t speak to good english. 🙂

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  • …aslo one more thing, when a user register the email with user and pass comes from WordPress why not from the name(domain) of the site, this must be fixed too.

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