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[Resolved] Users editing user posts

  • Hiya. At the moment, the only user who can edit everything is the admin, but how can I do so that all users with fx level 8 can edit other users posts and pages with the same level?

    Because if one of my users with level 8 makes a page, and another user with level 8, he cannot edit the page.

    Anyone know any way around this? I don’t want to have one user for all the people.


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  • There is a code in another thread here, that is supposed to do this. But I tried it last week and it doesn’t actually work. The code I got from here allows User Lvl 8 to see the “Edit” button for other User Lvl 8 posts, and to access the Edit Post page. But when 8A clicks “Save” to save changes on 8B’s post, the error message is: “You cannot post as this user.” I assume this is because it is still “Posted by 8B”.

    Anyone know a work-around? On my site I want all User Level 4’s to be able to edit each other, and anyone below 4.

    Thats exactly what I want to be able to do. So anyone else have any help to give?


    Time to bump. Anyone??

    Thanks mate. Seems like this will get me going 🙂

    Exactly what I wanted! 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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